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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gaya Posing Tersendiri Selebriti Hoolywood


Megan Fox often show tongue

Kim Kardashian: is view from behind better?

Robert Pattinson: What is wrong with my hair?

Gwen Stefani: Give me a fulcrum!

Kristen Stewart: Well, when it's over?

Paris Hilton: on the back left a little skin as a result of the operation

Justin Bieber: hands in pockets

Victoria Beckham: always without a smile..chekaut the legs

Katy Perry: sexy princess

Miley Cyrus: hello, hello!

AnnaLynne McCord: kisses

Kate Hudson: World Peace

Lindsay Lohan with a finger in her mouth

Taylor Swift with Love

Jonathan Meyers: Where am I?

Beyonce: always ready to pose

Jennifer Hudson: Hey, I'm here

Britney Spears: Guess in what hand?

Ryan Gosling: will break your nose!

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