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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Romantik Harith Iskandar dan Isteri Jezamine Lim


Loving couple,Harith Iskandar dengan wifenya Jezamine Lim semakin bahagia,lebih-lebih lagi wifey skrg dah pregnant 3 bulan,wah wah tak lama lagi jadi bapa lah Harith...Anak mix mesti comel giler kan...harith kan mcm pan asian,and jezamine plak Chinese..
anak mixed mestilah bijak,sebab genetik yg variety gitew..

Melalui Facebook Harith memang jelas lah terlihat kebahagiaan mereka berdua yang sentiasa serasi bersama...

Kata Harith:
"My wife Jezamine Lim Iskander. How lucky am I??????"

Kata Harith:
"My wife, Jezamine Lim Iskander with the host of Serasi Bersama (Season 2), Amy Mastura. We were one of three guest 'Celebrity' couples on this episode/competition and we came in LAST! Apparently we are not as "Serasi" as we think we are! :-)"

Funny video daripada Harith:
"Here is my wife laughing at the MEMORY of me tripping and falling over. All it took was for me to REMIND her of the incident - and away she went. Laughing non-stop. For 2:40min. Actually more. Remember, I didn't DO or SAY anything remotely funny at this moment. All I had to do was REMIND her of the time I tripped and fell. If only my Stand-up Comedy had this effect on people. — with Jezamine Lim Iskander at The Curve.


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