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Monday, September 12, 2011

Kongsi Kisah Anda bersama Kereta Proton anda dan menangi Proton VIP Complete Makeover


Kereta merupakan salah satu harta yang amat berguna kepada pemiliknya.Setiap kereta dan pemiliknya pasti ada kenangan yang dikongsi bersama…Sensasi pasti ramai yang memiliki kereta ada banyak kisah suka dan duka,cerita yang kelakar,mencuit hati dan juga menyentuh hati…

Sensasi sendiri memiliki sebuah kereta yang Sensasi sayang sgt sampai panggil “My Baby’ sebab nie lah kereta pertama Sensasi yang sensasi beli masa umur 21 tahun dengan hasil titik peluh ,kumpul duwet ,naik turun bank buat loan :p Sensasi dapat kereta sensasi pada 30 Ogos dalam lebih kurang 4 tahun lepas…Dengan adanya kereta barulah hidup sensasi menjadi lebih mudah, lebih baik,berkmbang,maju ,banyak kisah suka duka,kenangan,percintaan,kekeluargaan,holiday dengan kereta kesayangan Sensasi nie..sampai skrg kereta dah berjasa maklumlah my very first car..bukan takat first car je,bahkan kenderaan pertama sensasi sebab Sensasi tak pernah ada motor

Sensasi ingat lagi dengan “My baby’ ,Sensasi pergi berjumpa buah hati,dating jalan2 bersama.Merata Negeri dah dijelajahi dengan kereta kesayangan nie.Kereta nie dah banyak berjasa bukan pada sensasi je,bahkan kat mak,kakak,kawan-kawan,dan ramai lagi..

Dengan kereta nie jugaklah,Sensasi drive pergi tepi pantai,bawak buku dan study,sebab nak exam.iyer,Sensasi bekerja dan juga sambung belajar lagi untuk menambah ilmu. Memang menenangkan baca buku,bukak radio dan bersantai tepi pantai.. Yang penting Result sensasi ,lulus dengan cemerlang.

Sensasi memang bercadang untuk menyimpan kereta nie sampai bila-bila,walaupun kalau ada rezeki nak beli lagi sebuah kereta .
Pemilik kereta yang sayangkan keretanya pasti nak jaga ,hias,cantikkan,jaga prestasi enjin ..Cuma masalah yang sering dihadapi mestilah masalah kewangan nak buat Makeover kereta..

Jadi terbaru ada Berita baik untuk pemilik Kenderaan PROTON…
Anda merupakan pemilik kereta proton dan ada Kisah yang ingin dikongsikan bersama…dan rebut peluang untuk mendapat hadiah menarik ini..

Proton VIP Makeover...

Proton kini memberi peluang kepada semua pemilik kereta Proton untuk memenangi hadiah Makeover Percuma untuk seluruh kereta anda...Ubah rupa kereta kesayangan anda menjadi seperti yang anda idamkan.

Bagaimana anda nak menyertai program Makeover untuk menukar wajah dan prestasi kereta anda?

Mudah saja,yang pertama sekali,anda mestilah seorang pemilik kereta jenis Proton.
Apa yang anda harus lakukan ,menulis sebuah cerita mengenai anda dan kereta anda kenangan yang sungguh menghiburkan,dengan unsur yang menyentuh hati,lucu,kenangan manis dan apa sahaja yang anda rasa perlu anda kongsikan.

Dengan itu anda berpeluang menukarkan wajah dan prestasi kereta anda sepenuhnya

Program Proton VIP Makeover ini akan berlangsung sehingga hujung tahun ini, penyertaan akan ditutup pada 28 December 2011.

Ada sehingga lebih daripada 5 pemenang yang bakal menerima “complete Makeover” kereta proton Anda..

Untuk keterangan Lanjut dan hantarkan cerita anda ..layari:


News Release:

Fadly,Seorang Technician merupakan penerima Pertama Makeover Kereta Proton Beliau


SUBANG JAYA, 22 August 2011PROTON Holdings Berhad revealed today, the first recipient of its “My PROTON Makeover” programme, targeted at rewarding PROTON car owners who have loyally supported the brand over the years. Fadly Hisham Roplay, 33, will have his 1992 Proton Saga completely reworked by the R3 unit of PROTON Motorsports Division

Fadly reacting after handing his keys to the R3 unit of PROTON Motorsports Division Head of Engineering, Tengku Djan Ley.

“Fadly’s story about how his Proton Saga has impacted his life was quite an inspiration to us all,” said PROTON Group Managing Director, Dato’ Sri Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir who launched the “My PROTON Makeover” contest at the announcement of PROTON’s “Committed to be Better” programme in July. The contest is part of PROTON’s programme to acknowledge and reward faithful customers of PROTON who have fervently supported the national car maker over the last 26 years. “My PROTON Makeover” requires entrants to submit their story involving themselves and their PROTON car. PROTON will then identify the best stories or most heart-warming and reward five other winners with a complete car makeover. Entries for the contest will close on 28 December 2011.

Fadly and family with his PROTON car.

“When we kicked off this initiative, Fadly’s name came up as a model example. The story of him and his Proton Saga was lighthearted and entertaining. But more importantly, it was really heart-warming to hear about why and how much he loves his car and the memories that his family and him share with the car. For this, we truly felt that he and his car deserved a big ‘Thank You’ and reward,” Dato’ Sri Haji Syed Zainal said.

Purchasing his Proton Saga in 1999 from its original owner in Kuala Lumpur, Fadly, a technician with an international electronics manufacturer, drove it back immediately to his home town, where upon arriving at the Sultan Azlan Syah bridge in Perak, shouted out “Welcome to Kuala Kangsar!” to the car, as described by his mother who was travelling with him.

“He has such an attachment to the car that only he can describe best,” said his mother, Puan Hamiah Abdullah. “He once brought us down to shop in KL, and had his car towed by the traffic police as it was parked illegally. After frantically rushing to the impound and paying the fine, he ran over and hugged the car! We couldn’t help but watch and laugh!” she added.

When asked, Fadly expressed great sentiments of the car. “One of my most memorable moments, or rather nightmare involving the car was when I drove my mother over to my girlfriend’s house for her to convey the proposal of marriage to my girlfriend’s parents. I was sitting in this car, outside the house, trembling!” he recalled. His car has played a major facet in his personal story, being the vehicle used on his first date with his then girlfriend, who has since become his wife and mother to his two children.

“This car and I have shared many stories together. We have been the brunt of jokes by my family and friends. My father-in-law has even offered to pay the down payment for a new car, but I politely declined,” said Fadly. “It is a bit of a relationship, where my car keeps me going and I also keep her going,” he laughed after revealing that thousands of ringgits have been well spent over the years to keep the car as road-worthy as possible and for the regular service maintenance.

Fadly’s 19 year-old Proton Saga will now be in the R3 workshop for four weeks, for a full re-work, from top to bottom, front to back and inside out. Speaking on behalf of the R3 unit of PROTON Motorsports Division, Head of Engineering, Tengku Djan Ley bin Tengku Mahaleel said that the department is very excited about the project. “It’s not often that we are given free-rein to do up a car like this. Considering the background of the situation, we’re really looking forward to giving the car an outstanding makeover as a gift for Fadly.”

The fully reworked Proton Saga will be unveiled in September.

“My PROTON Makeover” is part of PROTON’s “Commitment to be Better” programme. For more information, visit

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