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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blogging complaint.....


Hmmm...i really hate it everytime i switch on my PC to eyes started to feeeeeeel sooo brain become numb..i feel sleepy..but at the same time the urge to blog because it has been like a commitment i've to make..i would need to update my blog daily..but sumtimes i dont have the chance to...

When im all energetic and full of spirit to blog..there'll always be sumthing going on which will distract,mom called ask me to go home,and help her go here go there..send her here,see this person,meet that person,settle her problem and all..i just cant say NO..since im the only person she can count trying not to complaint..but somehow i feel like i need to burst things out..i feel so tired.

I want to do my things without being bothered by anyone..sumtimes,when i wanna blog,i get a phone call,asking me to go out for dinner,or coming over ..and of course i wont have the chance to blog when i have guest around..

then,this person got problem,that person got problem..and im the one who need to think how to settle.....sometimes i cant stop thinking till my night full of dreams related to my daily be frank,i dun have much problem..i dont have problems...but people around me are having problems,which they'll need my help ,and it means i have more things to do,more things to settle,to be done, have to listen to their worries and emotional,i sumtimes cant take it...i keep my stress inside...

i wish i could cry to lift up my burden inside heart...

im tired when the love one,making fuss and trying to get my 100% commitment to the relationship,and not trusting me.

From blogging for fun years ago,to blogging for income,and now blogging has been something i need to be commited to..

Yes indeed the biggest challenge in blogging is when i feel lack of energy to blog...i have many things to write infact,i have so many topic to bring up..i just dont have the energy to write it all up..

Sometimes thinking too much makes me feel tired...after thinking and searching,and studying about something...i lose my mood..

however this is life...what life is all about..feeling stress,happy,sad ,jelous,angry and all...its human feeling i could not avoid.take it as a test ...

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