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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tips menguruskan Badan : Sauna and it benefits


Did You Know? 15-20 minutes of sauna is equivalent to 1-2 hours of brisk walking.

  • 1. Releases Toxins (detox)

  • 2. Burns Calories (can reduce weight)

  • 3. Reduces Acne and Skin Problems

  • 4. Improve Immune System

  • 5. Reduce Stress and Relaxation

  • 1.Releases Toxins (detox). As much as 1/3 toxins dibuang melalui kulit badan – through sweat! So dengan peningkatan metabolisma badan di sauna, more toxins are released.

  • 2.Burns Calories (can reduce weight). Dengan hanya duduk di sauna, metabolisma badan akan meningkat sehingga 50%. That prolonged states obviously makes our obdy burn more calories. That pulak can potentially help you to kurangkan berat badan.

  • 3.Reduces Acne and Skin Problems. Those suffering from acne, cuts or skin irritations can benefit from regular sauna sessions. Ok now I am no skin or beauty expert but based on what I read, it definitely makes sense. What elevated heart rate and metabolism will increase the blood flow to the skin. More blood there means more bekalan nutrien and oxygen to the skin.

  • 4.Improve Immune System. With rising body temperature, our immune system produces more sickness fighting cells. This reaction indirectly boosts our sistem pertahanan badan.

  • 5.Reduce Stress and Relaxation. stress can cause toxin build up. Toxins or not, a 15-20min stay in a sauna releases chemicals, hence reducing stress. Also heat therapy is relaxing…just like a hot bath (I like these) hahaha.

Sauna Caution for Pregnant Women and Heart Patients

Caution Pregnant women, heart patient with low or high blood pressure condition or suffering from any disease which has negative effect of sauna bath should first consult a physician regarding their physical condition and the length of period they can take sauna bath.

Credit to malaysian nutritionist : Kevin

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