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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rupert Grint ( Harry Potter's actor) Speechless After Watching Sex Scene With Parents


Yeah, who could blame him? Harry Potter star Rupert Grint received a preview of his latest film Cherrybomb recently and his parents were eager to watch it.

So there Rupert was sitting side by side with his mum and dad watching the film that included a sex scene he did. Yikes.

“Filming it was a really nerve-wracking experience but the worst bit was watching it with my parents,” he says. “It was agonising. The scene’s quite tastefully done but it’s not the sort of moment you really want to share with your mum and dad.” We couldn't agree more!

“When the scene arrived we all sat there not really saying anything. Afterwards nobody talked about it, which was kind of a relief,” he revealed

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