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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kisah disebalik Kes Bunuh Diri seorang Pelajar 15 tahun --> This Formspring Question led to the SUICIDE of a 15-year-old girl


Ok terbaru sensasi tgh melayan Facebook and terjumpa lah group terbaru seperti dibawah...

Seorang pelajar berbangsa Ireland telah Dibuli di sekolah,di facebook,dgn surat,dgn sms oleh rakan2 sekolah..
dan akhir sekali Melalui Formspring,Tekanan yang dihadapi pelajar yang bernama Phoebe Prince nie dah sampai ke kemuncak dan mengambil nasihat org yg menulis soalan di Formspring dan membunuh diri....

Jom lihat dan kaji apa ytg berlaku..

Di dalam Facebook soalan telah di cencored sebab menghormati si sensasi dah cari dah supaya korang tahu,mcm mana tohmahan yg dilemparkan..

Q. Your so hurt. People hate you. Your such a slut hahaahaha. actually lemme emphasize the HURT part. yea your body is a monstrosity no your face is hahhahaa ugly *** lips and your breath stanks like horseshit. your nose is humongous... and your EYES! theyre like two swirls of ****! lol you have elf ears too yenno. go ahead and kill yourself because when you die you'll leave the world a better place.

A. I don't know who you are, but i will take your advice. I will kill myself because i am worthless like you said. but I hope you will carry this burden on your sholders for the rest of your life, knowing that you, YOU, killed somebody.

Nie la dia gambar Phoebe Prince yg dikatakan hodoh tak hengat oleh rakan2 perempuan di sekolah barunya...

What???Chantek dan comel ok dis gerl...komfem la mereka2 yg kutuk2 phoebe prince nie jeles dgn dia..ala mcm cerita megan sini untuk baca cerita megan fox yang dibuli rakan wanita kerana rakan2 lelaki menyukainya,sampai megan fox cuba bunuh diri jugak..same kes ngan dis gerl

ok berikut adalah cerita detail dlm akhbar CBS news

Phoebe Prince "Suicide by Bullying": Teen's Death Angers Town Asking Why Bullies Roam the Halls

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (CBS) 15-year-old Phoebe Prince moved from Ireland to Massachusetts, with the promise of a new life. Instead, she took her own life, to escape allegedly vicious bullying, on Facebook, text messages, and in school, and now angry residents of her South Hadley, Mass. community want answers, and punishment for the bullies.

According to The Boston Globe, Prince was relentlessly bullied by girls who called her "a slut," or "an Irish slut." On the day of her death, Jan. 14, Prince was walking home from school when bullies drove by in a car, hurling insults and an energy drink in her direction. Prince kept walking to her house, straight to her closet, and hanged herself.

Photo: Family photo of Phoebe Nora Mary Prince, 15, who committed suicide on January 14.

Tuesday night, Feb. 2, outraged South Hadley residents brought their concerns to the town's Board of Selectmen, according to WBZ News Radio. Some want to know why the alleged bullies are still in school. "What kind of signal are we giving kids at school if some of the bullies are still walking the hallways acting proud," said parent Kathleen Keene.

Photo: Phoebe Prince, 15, committed suicide apparently due to vicious bullying.

But some had other concerns, the station reported, like high school senior Steven Grabowski, who said, "Name and shame these bullies and they will find themselves in the same place that Phoebe was and we will find more families with losing their loved one and more lives torn apart."

The South Hadley police chief told WBZ Radio, "We've subpoenaed records from Facebook, we've subpoenaed web pages from Facebook, hoping to track down perpetrators of some of this criminal threatening."

State representative John Sciback said he expects "there will be criminal charges filed at some point."

Too late for Phoebe Prince.

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