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Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Want Small Face and Nose


Though I think I am not ugly. But I do want more outstanding features and smaller face. Think some of you girls have the same thought as me.

So, what are the solutions that we can resort to??

Plastic Surgery - Have to lift up your face and they will need to shapen your bones, like your bridge and jawline. And they might even have to lipo your extra fats around your cheeks, nose, eye bags..Eeks and Ouch! Needs lots of money.

Botox or any other non surgical procedure - This is one way to escape the surgical table. But it can hurt quite a bit, especially at certain parts of the face. Extreme change will not be observed immediately after the ject and you need a few sessions. Effects also not permanent. Cost is high too but this is lesser than going under the knife

TCM Acupuncture - Kind of similar to botox, but with lots of skinny needles at one time. Less painful than botox. Need quite a few sessions to get desired results. Cost is lower than the earlier two.

Lymph Drainage - By applying the similar idea to TCM acu. But this time round we use our hands to do it. Takes persistency and patient. Free.

For me, the first option is definitely out, so scary. Second and third options, I do not have the money to do the whole face and I don't want needles to pierce into my face.

Thus I will turn to the final solutions.

Done research and found the way to do it, ok la, since all of you so supportive to my blog, I share with you too. Then all of us can be in the small face club. Heehee. :)

First, use your middle finger and gently touch along your lower lips to just at your ears, follow by from below the nose towards your ears. And with the same method from your nose bridge and lastly from your forehead. This is done before and after you work at targeted areas.

To obtain a shaper chin, using the rest of your fingers except the thumb, follow the arrow indicated int the picture below and gently pull up your skin till your ears and apply pressure and below ears then slowly release pressure. One cycle - 5 times and 3 cycles each time.

To have a sharp nose, use your index finger, gently pull your skin and release at the marks you in below. One cycle- 5 times and 3 cycles each time.

I have depart you the skills to be a small face goddess. Do it consistently, let me know your success story. Beauty rocks.

Btw, if you really no time. Least do the first method I teach you before you zzz, ok? Results is best if you do it before you go lala land.
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