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Monday, November 5, 2007

News:A boy commited suicide after a fugly date


Picture this.

You're a 17-year old schoolboy in China.

You meet this 19-year old girl online with the nick "Flying Skirt" and she tells you she's a bloody hottie, maybe even sends you a picture of herself.
And not only is she hot, but she also seems to be deeply in love with you, spending hours each day chatting with you over the internet, maybe even some instances of cybersex.

Then one day, "Flying Skirt" decides that the both of you should meet up.

You get so excited.

All the nights you spent fantasizing about her and now you're going to get to see the real person!

You go all out to buy the best clothes you can to make yourself look presentable and desirable.

You shop for an Armani Suit.

a Gucci tie.

And you even throw aside your Pokemon underwear and buy a new fresh piece of Versace's just in case you get lucky.

Then the day comes and you tell your mum that you're going to school for a school project.

You arrive at the meeting place and meet her.

To your surprise, you find out that she's actually 10-years older than she said and not as hot as you thought she would be (and definitely not the same person as the pictures she's been sending you).

You then go home to your family disappointed and you lose your appetite to eat.

And 4 days later you hang yourself.Does that sound like something anyone would do?


Well check out what I read on the

BEIJING -- A 17-year-old boy in northeastern China was so disappointed with the looks of a woman he met over the Internet that he hanged himself after seeing her face-to-face, state media reported Friday.

The unnamed teenager first contacted the woman -- known by her chat moniker "Qunjiaofeiyang", or "Flying Skirt" -- using the popular Chinese online messaging software QQ, Xinhua news agency said.

The girl described herself as a beautiful 19-year-old and the pair chatted on the Web for weeks before arranging a December 26 rendezvous in the nearby city of Mudanjiang, in far northeastern Heilongjiang province.

The boy arrived to discover the woman far less attractive than advertised and 10 years older than him, Xinhua said.

The boy immediately returned home, lost his appetite, and four days later hanged himself from a tree.

Now when things like that happen, there are only two explanations that I can think of.

Either the boy must've been really really REALLY STUPID...


That must've been one HELLUVA FUGLY WOMAN...

Ok but seriously... I think the more logical explanation is simply that the boy wasn't very bright.

I mean...


Like this?Or this?

Even so... that's not too bad.

Nobody's asking you to go to bed with her but you can treat the woman like a normal human being and just talk to her like a good man.

I mean.. heck even if she's like this you shouldn't... Shouldn't...




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